Putting this blog on hiatus before I even started it is not even funny. But it’s reality, so there you go.

For this blog to be active, my lj has to be active; wich means at least two of my tumblr blogs have to be active; which means my creativity has to be active; which means   have to be active. Like, mentally. But right now the only mental activity I can muster is that of a psychopath, so I figured you’re better off. One less crazy person won’t do you any harm. For now. I’ll be sure to come back with an axe to reward any, unlikely, bypassers for their patience.

Now, if your kind souls would excuse my insolence and allow me to brood over confusing the release date for Tango no Otoko, I’d be most glad to start shedding bucketloads of tears at your feet.

Track.  And goodbye.


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It’s raining like mad for the past three days here! And it’ll continue to rain for even more. I’d write a poem but I’m sleepy -what’s with me and posting here at the early a.ms I wonder. I’m gonna take a bath and head to bed. But before, a bit of NIN.

Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day~


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Hey y’all!

Introductory post ‘cuz I dunno, there needs to be at least one.

This blog is pretty much a blog created for the sake of following other blogs.

Right now I’m fairly sleepy, so the only use I can think of for this blog is something like a scrapbook of any poems or stories that stem from my mind.

Mind you my stories are not always happy light readings. Well, actually, they are never happy light readings. And the content is never sure. But just to be on the safe side, there’ll be BL in this blog.



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